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As a Certified Highlands Consultant, I will utilize the Highlands Whole Person Model to facilitate growth through personal discovery. The Highlands Ability Battery allows clients to identify and better understand their natural abilities, interests, personal style, values, goals, and academic achievement. The ‘whole person’ model ultimately guides people towards identifying career options suitable to their unique abilities and talents. As a person who changed careers later in life, I understand the desire for change and the need to find the right.


My Story

Monica is a native of Buffalo, New York, but has lived in Georgia for most of her life. She holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in Social Work from the University of Georgia, where she first discovered her passion for the rights of special needs children and their families. This led her to pursue not only teacher certification (where she served as a special needs educator for 10 years), but also to earn a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. In 2010 Monica’s devotion to helping others inspired her to open her first private practice where she provided individual and couples therapy to children and adults of all ages. In the 9 years since, she has served as a counselor, mentor, and facilitator for countless individuals, helping them see beyond the limitations we allow circumstances, fear, and other people to place on us. Monica believes each person is the sole expert about themselves and that with a direct, honest approach, can leverage that expertise to create fulfillment in life, relationships, and career.

In her role as a career counselor, Monica applies her nearly two decades of expertise to helping clients use credible assessments to evaluate their abilities, talents, and skills, and then connect that knowledge with real world opportunities. As adults, we spend most of our lives working. By understanding and aligning our natural abilities and their resulting needs with the work we do is critical to finding success and fulfillment in our careers.


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”



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